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Impressed with the progress.

28th March 8:05PM

On this day, meep told me 1 week "lagega deployment mein"

29th March 6:26PM
30th March 3:04AM

On this day, terraglass ka dangal hua tha

31st March 3:48AM

1 dangal se puri website pe zero progress?

31st March 2:01PM
1st April 6:45PM
2nd April 5:56PM
3rd April 2:00PM

last checked at

4th April 3:23PM

Can't believe terraglass ka issue yeh website pe itna effect dal sakta hai 

5th April 2:43PM

At this point mujhe lag rha hai tu bas procastinate kar rha hai. I give up. Mein dekh luga abb. If you saw this message, reply with a "yes"

karta hu 

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