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Compusoft is not just an institute that teaches everything tech but also a place to create skillset!

We’re a digital education center focused on helping students of all ages achieve their wildest dreams

With career-specific and detailed courses, we want to stay true on what we commit. Compusoft was founded with an aim to provide quality education and be a bridge that helps to overcome all the difficulties students face in their learning stage.

We want to prepare students and professionals for the digital future.

With the dependance on technology in the 21st century, it is almost a fact that digital skills like Rhino, AutoCAD, Revit, Photoshop, as well as programming languages like Python, Java, C and C++ will prove very useful to students in the future. We want to impact students lives and provide them with this knowledge.

We are a group of tech geeks who share a similar passion to transform the approach towards education and lead the young generation towards their ambition.

At Compusoft, we teach our students how to apply their skills to develop in career. Inculcating real-life assignments for every topic and project work, we don’t just make them learn but also grow. We share the love for teaching. Compusoft was founded out of the need to help students gain practical knowledge of various IT and digital courses.

We hope you will enjoy the courses you learn from Compusoft. In case you have any issue or you have any challenges, we would be ,more than happy to help you out.

Happy Learning!


Vishnu Sharma

Co-Founder, CCE

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